Personal Album: 21-day fix

I’ve been on a roll in my personal album lately. It started when I realized my Iris case for personal album photos was pretty much full! I got really behind with my scrapbooking since we moved (last May) and my personal album suffered the greatest (I felt like it was more important to bible journal and work on my family album).

So I needed to spend some time in my personal album, which is a 6×8 album filled with pocket pages, full 6×8 layouts, and a few other sizes. There have been single pages and double pages, pages about something in particular and pages just created around a random photo filled in with a cool quote.

This page is a single, full-paged 6×8 about my husband and I starting Beachbody’s 21-day fix. I have always (even as a kid) hated any physical activity. I’ve never enjoyed sports, working out, being active, anything. I was just blessed with good genes that kept me thin for many years. But after I had three kids and am maybe a few years older (haha), my clothes were fitting tighter and the number on the scale was staying higher and not going  back down (like it always had in the past). My husband has always regularly worked out (he was military for several years, so that was a big factor) and encouraged me to find my thing and make working out a regular thing before my metabolism changed significantly. But no matter how much anyone tried to get me to do anything, I had to want to and commit to for myself.

So after some encouragement and help from a friend (who’s a Beachbody coach), I signed up for their amazing shakes and on demand workout system. The 21-day fix that we started with, focused on not only 21 days of working out but dialing in your nutrition as well. On September 5th, we had our first week’s worth of meals planned and prepped and I started day 1 of working out.


About my actual layout (and not just about our workout program-haha)…the photo that I had was smaller than 3×4 and it was the only photo I had for this day, so I just felt like switching up my format a little (which is why I chose a full 6×8 page). I wish I had a better explanation for how I chose the color scheme, but all I had in my head was that I wanted to use red somewhere, because of my red shirt, and I wanted to use a card from the set I had about working out from In a Creative Bubble. When I held the two of them together in my hand, I liked how they looked and decided to put them just like that in the bottom right corner.


Then I thought I would use a paper strip (from my huge pile of 2×6 paper strips cut off from 6×6 papers when I make them into PL cards) and while flipping through, found one with red on it, as well as lots of other colors. It’s a super cute Elle’s Studio paper from their Live Laugh Love collection, I believe, and it had the red that I wanted and the blue color that was on the border of the IACB card.


Once I had a color scheme, I pulled in some other embellishments from ES (because their colors all match and it’s an easy way to go), some letter stickers to spell out 21 DAY FIX, a stamp from an old GB kit that said “this is so hard” because I’m pretty sure that was my constant thought during the whole program, and did a little journaling.


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading through all my thoughts on this page. ❤ See you next time!





Hey there friends! Welcome to my blog! I’m Alyssa and I am so excited to start this space where I can share about my crafting endeavors (mostly scrapbooking and bible journaling related).

Before I start posting about said crafty endeavors, I wanted to tell a little bit about me, my family, and how/why I love to create. ❤

I’ve been married for seven years now to a pretty awesome guy.


And we’re parents to three mega-adorable kids, one who lives in heaven, and two who live with us.


I stay home with my kids and we spend our days homeschooling, cleaning, crafting, reading, singing, photographing, laughing, training, and living our lives one 24-hour segment at a time. ❤

I have always been crafty to a degree…scrapbooking as a teen, trying to learn how to sew, decorating/rearranging, hand-lettering, etc. I did art in high-school and thought for a brief period of time that that’s what I was going to do afterwards. But life took a different turn and I got married and had babies and now, I wouldn’t change a thing. I didn’t feel like I did very much crafty stuff for a while, being a young mom, but what I did do, was photography. As soon as my son was born, I had to document each and every thing! Fast forward four-ish years and I was using yearly photo-books to document our lives. This was a convenient method of memory-keeping, but I was missing out on the hands-on part of the hobby and, what I didn’t realize until I started doing Project Life, was that I was also missing out on the journaling!

My modern-day scrapbooking journey actually began with Bible Journaling! A friend introduced me to it and after looking on Pinterest for more info and inspiration, I stumbled upon Illustrated Faith. Through bible-journaling, I fell head over heels in love with God again and through one of IF’s design team members, now my dear friend, I discovered pocket-page scrapbooking. I jumped in head-first and haven’t looked back since.

Now, I spend my creative time pretty equally on pocket scrapbooking (or Project Life) and bible journaling, with occasional time spent scrapbooking full-page projects, traveler’s notebooks, and hand-lettering. I don’t really love to try new things: once I find something I love, I usually stick with it. But, if there’s something I’ve learned from being a part of various crafty communities online and connecting with crafty friends, it’s that trying new things can be extremely fun and even lead to your new favorite thing!



So thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you’ll stick around!